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For Bookings until the 5th of April


Online or In Person

March 2021 Offer: Counselling Sessions - Online / In Person (1)

Mary McLiroy, Psychosynthesis Counselor & Therapist is offering a special discount on a 6 week Consultation Treatment. In a supportive, and caring relationship, you and Mary can face the issues that feel too difficult for you to face alone. Your way to a happier wellbeing.

March 2021 Offer: Counselling Sessions - Online / In Person (1)
March 2021 Offer: Counselling Sessions - Online / In Person (1)

55A St John's Wood High St, Lo

For Bookings until the 5th of April

Online or In Person

About The Offer

You may be feeling that problems are too much to resolve alone, you may need someone to talk to or work through a problem with. At one point or another, we all go through difficult times that affect our mental wellbeing. While many people don’t delay going to a medical doctor to treat a physical ailment, many delay seeking care for their emotional and psychological needs.

There is a difficulty of seeking help for the first time, and Mary McLroy will help you learn about psychiatric conditions and the counselling process. A process that leads to symptom reduction and to greater wellbeing and happiness.

Mary Mcilroy (registered BACP counsellor number 074453), has been providing her services over 2 decades both in Muswell Hill and London Bridge. Due to Covid 19 restrictions she now offers online counselling from a convenient and secure.

place of your choice, 

Mary provides simple and effective tools to help you use your mind to its maximum potential, enhance your relationships, be competent in your work, appreciate all that is beautiful and to stay calm in moments of crisis. Mary can help to deal with external events which are outside of your control and to deal with internal feelings which overwhelm you and you can't find the answer to. And also when there is nothing specific to pin your unhappiness on, if life has simply lost direction or if you are struggling with any aspect of life and looking for life or career coaching.

Offer details:

  • 1 inital free call plus 6 online or in person sessions (1per peek) 
  • Treatment special price £300 using the Code MentalHealth  (Initial price is £360)
  • Valid for bookings until the 5th of April 2021
  • Location: North London
  • Duration: Each session lasts 1hour


  • Mary MciLroy Consulting

    6 weeks Consulting Treatment




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