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Exclusive Offers

  • March 2021 Offer: Counselling Sessions - Online / In Person
    For Bookings until the 5th of April
    Online or In Person
    Mary McLiroy, Psychosynthesis Counselor & Therapist is offering a special discount on a 6 week Consultation Treatment. In a supportive, and caring relationship, you and Mary can face the issues that feel too difficult for you to face alone. Your way to a happier wellbeing.
  • February 2021 Offer: More than Mums Unlimited Fitness classes
    For Bookings until the 5th of March
    MTM Online Fitness Classes
    More Than Mums has you a special discount of 50% off on the Online Unlimited fitness classes. Consider it a well-deserved gift to yourself, we assure you at the end of just one month of regular fitness sessions you’ll feel so good in mind and body
    Past event
    Osborne Grove Nursing Home
    Spend some time with elderly people. Change the N with a V and make the difference
  • May 2021 Offer: Fifty Five A Dental Practise
    Sun, May 23
    Whether you are seeking a new dentist to provide attentive & caring general dental services for you & your family, or whether you need more complex treatments, then 55a team of dentists & specialists are here to assist you.  They look forward to welcoming you with a special discount.
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