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Janine Green

MTM Blog Writer

Life Coach


Janine is a Coach and the majority of her clients are Parents who feel like they’re a bit stuck/bored and haven’t focused on themselves for a long while, so have found themselves just being swept along with life. She helps them take back control and find their 'thing', and a life and career that works for them and their families. Janine helps them work with all aspects of their lives and work out how to create boundaries and feel in control – because as we all know, the juggle is real!

Janine has 2 young kids herself and have also gone through a career change, from advertising to Coaching, so she gets it 😊

A bit about the type of Coaching Janine practices: 


''I’m trained in 'Psychodynamic' Coaching, which allows me to work alongside clients to get to the bottom of what's really going on. I believe that Coaching is about understanding the whole person and the whole context, and in my sessions I ensure to take time to work through not only intentions, but anxieties and blockages.''


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