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laura hare

MTM Blog Writer

Marketing Director & Business Owner

After completing an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Early Modern History, Laura went into the glamorous and completely unrelated world of software sales.


She quickly realised she was a better opener than closer and made the jump into marketing. And it suddenly all made sense. From content and copywriting to website and digital, smoozy events and PR, Laura works across the marketing mix and has a passion for all things marketing and business.


Working predominantly with retail clients, Laura is a huge fan of discovering new brands and marketplaces (otherwise known as a shopping addiction!). And as a self confessed geek, Laura loves all things tech.


When she’s not running her own Marketing Consultancy she spends her time supporting small businesses with growth strategies, helping to run her family's yoga studio, locating excellent sticks in the park for her toddler and selling fun yoga tops on Etsy!

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