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Margarita GERAKAKI

MTM Founder

Margarita is the Founder of More than Mums.


A former professional athlete, an Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist , a running coach. 

But most of all a mum of two young girls.


She was a track and field athelete, representing  her country (Greece) in 100m hurdles,  long jump and 4x100m relays for many years. She has a Master degree in Physical Education and Sports Science and she has workes as a Personal Trainer & as a Physical Education  teacher/ Sport Coach in schools, Universities & in the Army.

​In 2011 Margarita's life changed dramatically. She became first time mum and she with her family moved to London. In 2012, she established Maggie G Fitness and in 2015 she had her second child.

Diving into this amazing but completely  demanding journey of motherhood, Margarita realised that she was struggling. Trying to balance everything in her life she got lost.  She forgot her interests, her passions, her personal time. She forgot who she was.

At this point More Than Mums was ''born''. A place and a space to remind and redifine who we really are.

Her vision is to to grow the existing community and offer more actions and events which will empower, support, inspire and challenge mums throughout the motherhood journey. 

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