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Mary Mcilroy

MTM Blog Writer

Psychosynthesis Counsellor & Therapist

Mary is a Psychosynthesis Counsellor & Therapist in Muswell Hill and in London Bridge.  


She provides simple and effective tools to help you use your mind to its maximum potential, enhance your relationships, be competent in your work, appreciate all that is beautiful and to stay calm in moments of crisis. Mary can help to deal with external events which are outside of your control and to deal with internal feelings which overwhelm you and you can't find the answer to. And also when there is nothing specific to pin your unhappiness on, if life has simply lost direction or if you are struggling with any aspect of life and looking for life or career coaching.

Through her extensive working experience both privately and for institutes which deal with severe mental health matters for 17 years (Victim Support, MIND, Trauma agencies, COUI) she has gained a broad spectrum of expertise as: anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, PTSD, relationship difficulties, loneliness, confidence, self-esteem, bereavement, anger, stress, insecurity, panic attacks, loss of direction, career coaching or life coaching, general anxiety disorder and many more.


Mary offers in person and online services.

You can also get a free 15 minute consultation via phone on 07769218281 or contact her through the enquiry form.

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