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Cycling Group

Whether you're a complete beginner, an occasional or regular cyclist looking to challenge yourself,  join us!


Whichever session you join, you’ll find a friendly, supportive group where you can have fun and work towards your own personal goals .There is no pressure to compete or cycle in a specific pace, distance, or time, it really is about riding your bike, taking part and leaving the family chaos behind... 

Like Running Group we organise weekly runs (mainly during Weekeends) locally or further away.Through this group you can find a cycling partner and train in your own time together and at a pace of your choosing. This way you are more likely to stay motivated and keep cycling as you are part of an enthusiastic and positive team.

Meeting points & Running routes

to be confirmed  as an Event in Social media

TIME:   Check for regular updates

PRICE:  Free and liberating !

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