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Running Group

We all miss our goup runs!

We are looking forward for life to go back to normal and start running together again

Until then you can still join our running team and follow our individial running adventures through our communication channels.


Running drills & games

Stairs workout


The aim of this group is to have a time in your week where you can get away

from it all and feel truly free.


This group has runners with varying levels of ability and everyone is welcome.

We organise fun runs, interval runs, hill runs (tricky to avoid as, after all, we live in Muswell Hill!) and forest runs. We also have destination runs for example around various central London parks, across the river or to enjoy the sites of London in the early morning when it is wonderfully calm and quiet.


Through this group you can find a fitness partner and train in your own time together and at a pace of your choosing. This way you are more likely to stay motivated and keep running as you are part of an enthusiastic and positive team.


Meeting points & Running routes

to be confirmed as an Event in social media

TIME:   07:00 - 08:30 every Saturday

PRICE:  Free and very addictive!

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