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Shwetha Jairam
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sarah Alder

MTM Blog Writer

Meal planning & family mealtimes expert

@Kitchen Titbits

Sarah is the face of Kitchen Titbits. She is a meal planning and family mealtimes expert, working with parents to transform mealtimes from stressful to stress-free. 


Sarah specialises in working with parents who are tearing their hair out at mealtimes and lead them out of the very dark tunnel in which they find themselves with their fussy eaters. She helps them to support their fussy eaters to eat a wider variety of foods, put the fun back into food and enjoy mealtimes again. 


Sarah also loves to teach about meal planning as a way of saving time and energy in the kitchen, reducing food bills and waste as well as getting away from the age old question of what’s for dinner!

She welcomes to join Kitchen Titbits facebook groups

Stress Free Family Mealtimes:  

A supportive community of parents with ideas and tips for feeding the family & keeping out of food ruts. A place to celebrate your successes (however small - nothing is insignificant), share your anguishes and to support each other on your way to improving family mealtimes.

Making food (and your money) go further :

A place to share tips on reducing food waste, saving money on food bills, making the most of the ingredients and being more efficient with your time and energy in the kitchen

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