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hayley mcdonnell

MTM Blog Writer

PD/SMSC Consutlant

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Hayley McDonnell is a PD/SMSC consultant helping schools across the UK implement their PD/SMSC framework in response to the latest Ofsted framework implemented in September 2019.  The Independent Schools Inspectors also take a keen interest in SMSC.

SMSC is an acronym for Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural... it permeates everything that you can think of.  


SMSC has been happening in schools but to varying degrees of excellence if at all.  Now that is being inspected formally, schools are starting to take more notice and that is where I come in to help guide, advise and support.    The focus of SMSC in schools should be done so that it has meaning purpose and has a positive impact on the children – it  will if done properly.

Hayley believes SMSC is part of everything and doesn’t stop in the classroom or school walls. Taking it into the family home and the corporate world too, will have an even greater impact and is something she is  pursuing.  Hayley says:

"The long-term benefits of dialogue are improved relations and cooperation in the community, often enabling further development through social and political action. This greater understanding of our own thoughts coupled with the discovery of different or similar points of view enhance collaboration opportunities with all involved. Dialogue brings slow and lasting results, change from within the community itself and works towards finding purposeful solutions."

Hayley intents on bridging the gap between countries, cultures, customs and ultimately people with what she pens as “Global Collaboration” her  aim is to make our world feel smaller by connecting with our similarities and embracing our differences.  Part of this journey is found with travelling, meeting people from different backgrounds, countries and cultures, networking with people from different countries and cultures, learning a Modern Foreign Language to aid communication and keeping abreast of world issues. She is extending her work to help develop understanding of our world and encourage greater dialogue between parents and children in their family home.


Author of the forthcoming book “ The Outstanding World of SMSC” and with over 20 years’ experience in teaching, leading and managing in schools throughout the North West of England,  Hayley will continue to  help schools and those with an SMSC responsibility to understand why SMSC is important beyond the criteria for inspection and how to implement an SMSC framework that is both meaningful and has an outstanding impact for the individual, school community and wider community.


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