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hayley mcdonnell

MTM Blog Writer

PD/SMSC Consutlant

Each blog post will be connected with a topic, tailored to what is happening in the world, topical, seasonal, festivals etc. 

It will be followed by four questions which relate to the four themes of SMSC  (Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Education) and it permeates everything that you can think of.


Throught those blog posts parents and children will be encouraged to discuss topics that are relevant in the world or relevant to their family at the time?  Through discussion they will be able to find out more about each other, theirselves and ultimately the world we live in.



SMSC provides a direct link supporting the mental health and well-being of all children. It is inclusive, promotes tolerance, respect and equally promotes a sense of purpose and acceptance of the self. There is no expectation for high levels of literacy or numeracy for it to be meaningfully and purposefully completed. It doesn't judge, can't be appraised in an assessment sense, all contributions are valid and move the learner closer to developing their whole self.

It is useful for us all as SMSC helps to develop empathy, deepen spirituality, connect people with communities and develop their core values. It creates opportunities for pupils to learn and practise human virtues and values such as compassion, hope, faith, and forgiveness. All traits needed today more than ever as we are gripped by this global pandemic.

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