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Becoming a mum is the most exciting & rewarding journey you could ever imagine

but at the same time it can also be the most demanding.  On this journey many women feel as though they’ve lost themselves,  sight of their dreams and passions.

But being a mum doesn’t have to stop you from being who you want to be.

Motherhood has the unique ability of helping us discover a whole new and more amazing version of ourselves. A more passionate, more motivated and more ambitious side.

We become 

More than Mums is to be part of this motherhood journey & support, 
encourage, empower & inspire women all around the world

Be part of this team and discover new things.

Join the group and it will not only take you on a journey to improved fitness,

it will help you discover how much MORE you are than Mum.

Margarita xxx

(mum of two amazing girls)



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