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Time for a Detox?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Who doesn’t love the idea of a good cleanse? I like the image of taking a sponge and cleaning out my insides every once in a while. And when I get this urge I usually try and google some new detox method. I’ve tried a few, some are so difficult I have abandoned them in a couple of days, while some others I have managed to incorporated in my daily routine.

The Green Smoothie

I was a new mum and my first child was a few months old. I was breast-feeding and terribly sleep deprived. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? My breakfast mainly consisted of many cups of tea and half a dozen digestive biscuits. Nothing appealed to me in the morning, I just had enough energy to make my son some porridge for his breakfast before we rushed off to a play group, where I would drink more tea and have more biscuits!

This awful pattern left me so weak and so tired and quite honestly turned me into a person that made The Grinch seem like a happy bloke!

As you can imagine, this affected my breast milk, and that’s what set off my alarm bells. I knew I needed a change. So while mindlessly going through my Facebook feed late at night (when I should have been asleep) I came across The Green Smoothies. It looked delicious, plenty of fruit whipped up with some spinach or kale. It could be prepared the night before and was quick and you could carry it out the door with you! I decided I had to try it. 

I had most of the ingredients, so the next day, I threw in some banana, blueberries, apple juice and a couple of handfuls of spinach and whizzed them up. The first sip and I was in heaven! Even my 10 month old gulped down a glass of it and banged his little sippy cup on the table asking for more! I was hooked. And we were drinking green smoothies every morning! As you can imagine; I slept better, had more energy, my skin - which closely resembled the moon’s pock-marked surface, cleared! I have been a green smoothie fan ever since. I have to admit, I don’t drink one everyday anymore but when I am low on energy, this is the first thing I reach for to give me a boost.

My Favourite Green Smoothie Recipe

1 cup coconut water

2 cups spinach

1 banana

1 cup blueberries/strawberries

Add the spinach and the coconut water to your blender first and blend well. Then add the fruit and blend again till nice and smooth. You can add some ice so it’s nice and cold on a hot day.

If you are a Green Smoothie lover like me, here you can find 7 super tasty and healthly Green Smoothie Recipes.

My Favourite Smoothie Blogs & Websites to follow

Below you will find a list of websites for Smoothie's Recipes

Stay Hydrated

I am not very good at drinking water. I tend to forget or I make myself some more tea and not the healthy herbal kind! So I decided to make some fruity water. Slice a lemon, an orange, and add a stalk of mint leaves and fill a large jug with water and stick it in the fridge. It is so refreshing! I ended up drinking so much more water. The best part is, you can top up the water using the same fruit for upto three days.

The Morning Cleanse

As of last week, I have been trying to drink a cup of lemon water as soon as I wake up, Squeeze a whole lemon to 2 glasses of warm water. I found it quite hard to drink it without any sweetener so I have been drizzling a bit of honey into it to make it more palatable. Honey is so full of goodness that it didn’t really feel like cheating.

My Detox Diet Failures

The diets that call for no carbs I find so hard! I think I have managed half a day without eating carbs! I’m also terrible at intermittent fasting. The minute I tell myself I can’t eat something I want it immediately, I guess I didn’t quite outgrow all of my toddler tendencies! I also cannot seem to give up sugar. I need a bit of sugar in my life!

After all, I don’t believe in drastic detox diets and cleanses. I think the only real way to detox your body is to consistently enjoy more whole foods and eat less processed ones that contain artificial colouring, flavours, and ingredients. Drinking different types of smoothies will propably help you do just that!

Do you have a favourite cleanse routine? Any advice on how I could conquer the need for carbs and sugar? I would love to hear your detox stories.


Shwetha Jairam



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